About company

“DUAC BUSINESS GROUP” (DBG) started its career from the German-Ukrainian automobile company DUAC in December of 1992. Thanks to such German partners as Wolfgang Schwaab (Kempten), Hans Fröhler (Weiden), Christian Seitz (Berlin), we have gained an invaluable experience in the field of auto import and since 1996 we had arranged the full-scaled production of the armored vehicles in Kiev (Ukraine). Our experts were trained at leading companies of their field in Munich and Hanover. During this period, we have produced more than 300 armored vehicles based on the MB, VW, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Lincoln, Chevrolet, Lexus, Range Rover, GMS, Cadillac, Jeep. Now DBG includes “ARMOREDLUX Ltd” (Bansko, Bulgaria). Our company has representatives in Poland (Sosnowiec), Germany (Brandenburg), USA (Philadelphia).

Thanks to the cooperation with partners in Canada, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Turkey, we use the latest technologies, materials, construction solutions. The recent events in Ukraine stimulated the development of new revolutionary designs that can essentially reduce the weight, increase protection class, saving the competitive price and quality level. This is made possible through the use of smart windows based on the Patent IPC B60P 3/03 (2006.01). As is known, vehicle ballistic protection class is limited to the maximum permissible gross weight of the vehicle. Exceeding this parameter when booking leads to a rapid deterioration of performance (motion dynamics, safety, service life, etc.). The most significant factor in increasing the weight of the armored car - a glazing. The thickness of the armored glass protection class B6 - 40 mm, B7 - 80mm. Complete standard windows weigh more than 100 kg, it is 3 times more protection from bullet-proof steel! In addition, the strong weighting of windows significantly shifts up the car's center of gravity, which reduces the car's stability and can lead to overturning when cornering. This problem and solve the smart window. Above the window opening is placed a video camera in the window opening - standard tinted glass, followed by bullet-proof steel (or other bulletproof materials), and inside the display, which displays the image from the camera. Furthermore, the displays can be used as additional multimedia.

We pay a lot of attention to the remote viewing, fire safety. And the price remains 40 % lower than prices of our competitors without loss of quality of the armored vehicle. It is everything because of the re-equipment is made manually, and the salary level of the specialists from Bulgaria, especially from Ukraine is lower than in German, USA and Canada.

A quality control system ISO 9001 is introduced in our company, which provides the use of only certified materials, input control of materials and components, the control of technological and engineering documentations, holding the finish control of the products, running and ballistic tests. Our products have a number of certificates that is according to the national standards, meets the requirements of basic vehicles manufacturers, and our unique technical solutions are protected by number of several patents. For all of our products we provide the user manuals, all-day consulting support, partners network from all continents, that maintenance service and repair.

Banks, private security companies, government organs, private actors – are our clients. All our staff understand, that we have a great responsibility for the lives and health of our customers! During all our period of work, we didn`t received any reclamation.

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