Recently, a lot of customers, choosing the executive car, prefer a business van. These are cars based on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and V-class, Volkswagen Crafter and Multivan, Chevrolet Express, Ford E-350, GMC Savana and other reliable and powerful vans. Armored minibus – is a combination of mobility, comfort and safety. Its main feature and advantage is the spaciousness of the saloon, which helps to satisfy the customer. Armored vans are always a good compromise between comfort, protection and price. Having such a high level of protection, they don`t attract unwanted attention because of their appearance.

Due to the use of modern science and up-to-date technologies, materials and components from the best manufacturers, patented design solutions, we provide a bulletproof saloon using BR7-BR8 according to European standard BRV 2009.

We offer you the example of a complete VIP minibus:

protection class B6 / B7 (CEN 1063), BR7 (BRV2009).

  • Air conditioning;
  • Exhaust ventilation;
  • Heater;
  • Two separate comfortable rear seats with a full range of adjustments for height and reach, with massage function and adjustable footrests;
  • Two separate comfortable, folding front-row seats with a set of regulations;
  • Retractable table, sofa, hidden under the console between the rear seats;
  • Bar with retractable cup holders and lights. The bar is located under the console between the front seats;
  • Retracting the console between the rear seats with armrest, a niche under the armrest and control keys (seats, contour light, intercom, TV lifting mechanism, the individual lamps);
  • The console between the front seats with armrest and niches;
  • LED Ceiling-fiber-optic panel, built-in spot lights, LED contour lighting, smooth shifting lighting modes;
  • Illumination levels;
  • Decorative trim elements - wood (hundreds of choices), metal, glass;
  • Cording, side panels, window arches, ceiling panels, air ducts, walls panels, seats, consoles (Alcantara, leather);
  • Curtains mats, sliding;
  • Carpeting high quality car mats;
  • Central TV 32 "on the lifting platform;
  • Side, widescreen monitors 24 "(smart windows);
  • DVR 4-channel with four cameras;
  • Car radio with radio, USB, Bluetooth;
  • Power 4-channel, front and rear 2-component speaker system;
  • WiFi router Apple;
  • 3G Modem;
  • Apple TV;
  • TV set-top box to view digital TV;
  • Tablet Apple iPad to control functions of all devices: monitors, TV, radio, TV attachment, lighting, climate, etc .;
  • Intercom
  • Wheels with security inserts (up to 30 km of non-stop movement after lumbago or puncture).

And much more.