In 1996, our company is the first in Ukraine began to collect of armored cars technology-based companies and components "HS" (Germany). During the production and operation of armored vehicles, were introduced significant improvements (design, assembly technology, materials), taking into account first of all the non-standard state of the road surface and weather conditions.

C 1998 our company operates independently and applies for reservations components and materials from Sweden, Germany, as well as domestic production. All the basic materials and components are certified.

When booking cars as a defense we use different, lighter materials (Kevlar, Dyneema, ballistic polyethylene, composite, ceramic and other materials). The main objective of this reservation - to ensure the specified protection class without losing the properties of the base car. This is achieved through the use of the most advanced technologies and materials, as well as the constant contact with manufacturers of basic vehicles and components. We also produce armored car service.

Our armored VIP class minibuses provide the ability to travel with maximum comfort and safety using the most advanced security systems, multimedia and computer systems, modern design and comfortable layout of the vehicle. Armored vans are produced mainly on the basis of car brands such as Mercedes-Benz, VW and Chevrolet.

         Smart Windows

As is known, that the class of ballistic protection of the car is limited to the maximum permissible gross vehicle weight. Exceeding this parameter leads to a sharp deterioration of performance quality (driving dynamics, safety, service, etc.). The most significant factor in increasing the weight of an armored vehicle is the thickness of the glass. The thickness of armored glass protection class B6 - 40 mm, B7 - 80mm. Full-standard windows weigh more than 100 kg, it is 3 times heavier than protection made of bulletproof steel! In addition, the heavy weight of windows significantly shifts the center of gravity of the car, which reduces the stability of the car and can lead to overturning when cornering. This problem was solved by using smart windows (Patent IPC B60P 3/03 (2006.01).) The following design was developed and implemented for the first time in the world. Above the window aperture there is a special video camera with infrared illumination, in the window aperture outside - standard darkened glasses, behind them - bulletproof steel (or other bulletproof materials), and from the inside - a special display stylized as a standard window on which the image from the video camera is displayed. This design solution allows to reduce the weight of the car by hundreds of kilograms or increase the class of protection of the vehicle. It should be noted that through our smart windows you can see in the dark. In addition, the displays are used as additional multimedia tools; each passenger can have a customized large-scale monitor. The patent IPC B60P 3 / 03 (2006.01) has a world priority, and there also are a number of national patents.

in armored cars certainly provides:

  • Protection of the pistol to a powerful rifles caliber 7, 62 armor-piercing incendiary ammunition (BR 8).
  • Complete protection (capsule) Passenger vehicle interior ballistic injuries, including ricochets and fragments
  • Full protection of the driver's cabin .
  • Save a full review of how the original car with the help of glass laminates with antioskolochnym coating.
  • The use of optoelectronic solutions that enhance visibility in all planes.
  • Protection of fuel and computer systems, electrical networks.
  • Using RunFlat tires or special wheel inserts, allowing to continue movement with lumbago / puncture.
  • Fire Protection.
  • underbody protection from fragments of explosive devices.
  • Emergency evacuation hatch.

    design VIP car tailored to the customer's wishes. A wide variety of cladding materials and configurations can satisfy any request, and ergonomically designed chairs and sofas provide maximum comfort during long trips.

    to ventilation control, the seat and backrest, TV, audio, climate , lighting and mood lighting using a wireless system based on tablets with OS Android or iOS.

    So is at the client's request is possible to provide a car wireless internet, cameras circular video surveillance , intercom, and others. The car can additionally be equipped with a coffee maker, a set of necessary utensils, sink and other household appliances.

    There is no limit to perfection, but we try to strive for it.